Example app

You can run repo-review in Pyodide as a webapp if you wish. An example webapp written in JSX using React and MaterialUI is provided at docs/webapp.js and docs/index.html; the index.html uses sp-repo-review and can be seen at https://scientific-python.github.io/repo-review. The webapp supports selecting org/repo and branch via URL, too, such as https://scientific-python.github.io/repo-review/?repo=scikit-hep/hist&branch=main. On the results screen, you can click on the check numbers to jump to the URLs provided by the checks.

This webapp can be embedded into an existing webpage if you set header={false}. You can set your own deps with deps = {["...", "..."]}.

Custom app

You can also use the html output and write your own webapp. You need to provide Pyodide:


Then, you need to load your plugin & repo-review.

async function prepare_pyodide() {
  const pyodide = await loadPyodide();

  await pyodide.loadPackage("micropip");
  await pyodide.runPythonAsync(`
        import micropip
        await micropip.install(["my_plugin", "repo-review"])
  return pyodide;

You can get the families and the checks:

result_html_py = pyodide.runPython(`
  from repo_review.processor import process
  from repo_review.ghpath import GHPath
  from repo_review.html import to_html

  package = GHPath(repo="${state.repo}", branch="${state.branch}")
result_html = result_html_py.toString();

This can throw an error with KeyError: 'tree' if the repo or branch is invalid.