Like pytest fixtures, fixtures in repo-review are requested by name. There are five built-in fixtures:

  • root: Traversable - The repository path. All checks or fixtures that depend on the root of the repository should use this.

  • package: Traversable - The path to the package directory. This is the same as root unless --package-dir is passed.

  • name: str - The name of the current check. (Special fixture only provided for checks, not collection functions.)

  • pyproject(): dict[str, Any] - The pyproject.toml in the package if it exists, an empty dict otherwise.

  • list_all(): bool - Returns `True`` if repo-review is just trying to collect all checks to list them.

New in version 0.8: The list_all fixture.

New in version 0.9: The name fixture for checks.

Repo-review doesn’t necessarily assume any form or language for your repository, but since it already looks for configuration in pyproject.toml, this fixture is provided.

Writing a fixture#

You can provide new fixtures easily. A fixture can take any other fixture(s) as arguments; repo-review topologically sorts fixtures before computing them. The result of a fixture is cached and provided when requested. The return from a fixture should be treated as immutable.

A fixture function looks like this:

import yaml
from import Traversable

def workflows(root: Traversable) -> dict[str, Any]:
    workflows_base_path = package.joinpath(".github/workflows")
    workflows_dict: dict[str, Any] = {}
    if workflows_base_path.is_dir():
        for workflow_path in workflows_base_path.iterdir():
                with"rb") as f:
                    workflows_dict[Path(] = yaml.safe_load(f)

    return workflows_dict

Don’t assume a specific Traversable, like Path; for remote repos or in WebAssembly, this will be a custom Traversable.

To register the fixture with repo-review, you need to declare it as an entry-point:

workflows = "my_plugin_package.my_fixture_module:workflows"

The name of the entry-point is the fixture name. It is recommended that you name the fixture function with the same name for simplicity, but it is not required.